Darth Obvious Part 22

Happy new year! I hope you all are in as impeccable health as the dilligent Darth Obvious himself!
I know I promised a new joke. Not sure if this counts, but I'm putting it out there for your consideration anyway. And who could the mystery survivor be? Take your guesses! (If there's fun ones I might steal them and toss out my actual idea...)


Darth Obvious Part 21

Season's greetings everyone! May your evergreen trees successfully banish the winter spirits and ghosts and...actually dad can stay. He's pretty cool. Will the tale of Darth Obvious continue next year? I do not know. But my new years resolution will be to come up with some new jokes, no matter what happens.


Darth Obvious Part 20

A message from our local sponsor. Get a gasmask now and you can go find your mummy in no time! Also, you know, live.


Darth Obvious Part 19

Many thanks to the fan who provided the shark! And yes, I used an injoke for the punchline. Note sure that was a good idea, but I think it works even if you've not heard the original version of that last panel.


Darth Obvious Part 18

It's another wordy one with little action. I thought about actually showing the misadventures of Cyberunit 61RL, but thought the complete lack of hindsight shown in this format would be funnier. Is it?


Darth Obvious Part 17

What is the Evil Dark Cranium's plan? Can the combined efforts of Darth Obvious and Cyberunit 00111 stop it? Why is the whiteboard blank?
To answer an actual question, yes, that is an 'upgraded' Darth Vader minifig.


Darth Obvious Part 16

It took me long enough, but here is more, finally. Sorry. As a consolation, a new character made with a new piece I have recently obtained. Unfortunately the grey doesn't work well against the grey background, hoping I'll be able to work around that somehow.


Darth Obvious Part 15

Today's epsidoe is mostly intended to be an excuse to have someone stomped by that mecha. Enjoy!


Darth Obvious Part 14

'Brode' is 'dude' but for robots.

Fine, I'll stop making up words. In other news, this hopefully fulfills the social commentary requirement of all trendy entertainment forms while still remaining funny. I'll try not to let it happen too often, but as a scifi themed comic, the pinochio complex had to be addressed.


Bonus: Super Bandit and the Assassins Inc

A new character for you to enjoy! Yay! I didn't want to leave Darth Obvious on just Part 13 due to the 13 and all. So instead of just making Part 14, I brought back Super Bandit and his 4 best friends. Also, I wanted t prove that I CAN write (slightly) different jokes. Did it work?

Darth Obvious Part 13

Who wouldn't want a friend like Darth Obvious?


Darth Obvious Part 12

I think this may have been the first sip Darth Obvious has actually taken from his mug. Also, who might this mysterious saboteur be? Stay tuned for the obvious answer!


Darth Obvious Part 11

Darth Obvious almost didn't make an appearance in this one (meaning it'd have ended with Panel 5 as the punchline). Thankfully I found some actual flower pieces in my briks box and came up with the better panel 7 ending. I think it's better anyway.


Darth Obvious Part 10

Darth Obvious: nice guy, good with kids. Also: Yay! I managed to drag basically the same joke out to 10 episodes! And more to come!


Darth Obvious Part 9

This is the first one that I didn't sketch out in pencil first, skipping that step. I ended up not planning out the speechbubble exchange too well. I'll need to either work that out better and get back to sketching next time.


Darth Obvious Part 8

I originally laid this out in a 3 byb 3 panel pattern to make best use of the page, but I think the 3*2 +1*3 layout helps reinforce the joke here.

Darth Obvious Part 7

The original sketch had the Darth Puppet with googly eyes and various household implements as arms. Sadly, I was not able to translate that into the brick format, but I think the joke remains solid.


Darth Obvious Part 6

It's meant to be a phone, but I find the walkie talkie piece is just so much clearer as to what it is.


Darth Obvious Part 5

This one's I think my favourite up to this point, despite once again being hindered by the shortcuts I had to employ to show doors. The original idea was to have him run down firestairs, but alas, I lacked enough bricks of appropriate colours, so a simple set of differently numbered doors will hopefully show the same idea. I should really go and see what just a tub of bricks goes for these days...


Darth Obvious Part 4

This is probably the so far least visually interesting part. I was worried I wouldn't be able to make the minifig slouch properly in the chair, but I think it worked out. So while it is the wordiest episode yet, there is that little visual nugget :D

Darth Obvious Part 3

Not being able to have the characters actually walk through the doors is really getting annoying. I hope what's happening is clear anyway. Also, the first of many unfortunate and clearly innocuous accidents to happen in Darth Obvious' vicinity...

Darth Obvious Part 2

And finally, the cat on the mug is explained. At about the same time it becomes visible. I'd say that's perfect timing. I also added a header; I'd left it out in Part 1 as it would have ruined the joke of Darth's first appearance (in as much as it was one), but I feel he deserves a close up header photo.

Also, I regret not having enough bricks to make an actual wall with an actual door.

Darth Obvious Part 1

I don't think this is the best start this could have had. I'm still figuring out how to add the speech bubbles and do the formatting, and the joke isn't as good as some later ones. Still here it is in glorious brickvision.