Bonus: Super Bandit and the Assassins Inc

A new character for you to enjoy! Yay! I didn't want to leave Darth Obvious on just Part 13 due to the 13 and all. So instead of just making Part 14, I brought back Super Bandit and his 4 best friends. Also, I wanted t prove that I CAN write (slightly) different jokes. Did it work?

Darth Obvious Part 13

Who wouldn't want a friend like Darth Obvious?


Darth Obvious Part 12

I think this may have been the first sip Darth Obvious has actually taken from his mug. Also, who might this mysterious saboteur be? Stay tuned for the obvious answer!


Darth Obvious Part 11

Darth Obvious almost didn't make an appearance in this one (meaning it'd have ended with Panel 5 as the punchline). Thankfully I found some actual flower pieces in my briks box and came up with the better panel 7 ending. I think it's better anyway.