Darth Obvious Part 22

Happy new year! I hope you all are in as impeccable health as the dilligent Darth Obvious himself!
I know I promised a new joke. Not sure if this counts, but I'm putting it out there for your consideration anyway. And who could the mystery survivor be? Take your guesses! (If there's fun ones I might steal them and toss out my actual idea...)


Darth Obvious Part 21

Season's greetings everyone! May your evergreen trees successfully banish the winter spirits and ghosts and...actually dad can stay. He's pretty cool. Will the tale of Darth Obvious continue next year? I do not know. But my new years resolution will be to come up with some new jokes, no matter what happens.


Darth Obvious Part 20

A message from our local sponsor. Get a gasmask now and you can go find your mummy in no time! Also, you know, live.


Darth Obvious Part 19

Many thanks to the fan who provided the shark! And yes, I used an injoke for the punchline. Note sure that was a good idea, but I think it works even if you've not heard the original version of that last panel.